KHJ Song of the Day

Since radio no longer plays the songs we heard on KHJ, I've decided to try and keep their memory alive by presenting a "KHJ Song of the Day" utilizing YouTube for the material. We'll see how it goes. The songs will be randomly selected from 1965-73. A little over 2,000 songs hit the Boss 30 during that period so this could last a while...

KHJ Song of the Day No. 3
Artist: Nancy Sinatra
Title: Lightning's Girl
Charted for five weeks on the Boss 30 and peaked at No. 18 in October 1967.
Songwriter: Lee Hazlewood
Producer: Lee Hazlewood

KHJ Boss 30 - July 9, 1965

Issue #1 - The first Boss 30 survey available to the general public and featuring Boss Jock Sam Riddle on the cover. Issued roughly two months after the start of the Boss Radio format.

At first glance the survey appears to list 30 records. There are actually 31 listed due to two records being tied for the same position. This was a common occurrence for the first two years or so. Exactly one-half of the first 100 surveys contain 31 records. This practice was abandoned in late 1967, with Issue #122 being the last to contain a tie.

This is the final week on the survey for Lesley Gore’s “Sunshine, Lollipops and Rainbows.” It has the distinction of being the shortest song to appear on a Boss 30, checking in at a mere 1:37.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 1 - Sam Riddle
KHJ Boss 30 No. 1 - July 9, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - July 16, 1965

Issue #2 - A stunning photo of The Real Don Steele on the cover of the Boss 30. This was the first survey to have the “Official” banner.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 2 - The Real Don Steele
KHJ Boss 30 No. 2 - July 16, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - July 21, 1965

Issue #3 - Sonny & Cher claim the No. 1 spot on the Boss 30 with “I Got You Babe.”

KHJ Boss 30 No. 3 - Sonny & Cher
KHJ Boss 30 No. 3 - July 21, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - July 28, 1965

Issue #4 - Boss Jock Gary Mack graces the cover of the Boss 30. This is the first of eight surveys he would appear on from 1965-67.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 4 - Gary Mack
KHJ Boss 30 No. 4 - July 28, 1965

KHJ Boss Mustang Contest

This is a print ad for Boss Radio’s first major promotion - a 1965 Ford Mustang to be given away to a lucky listener. The text reads:


It’s out of sight! Just send in a postcard with your name, address and phone number. If the 93/KHJ Boss Jocks draw your name - and they draw a new name every half hour - you’re on the way! You, or one of your immediate family (parents, spouse, children or siblings) call in to let us know you heard it ... you get a gold key that may win you a new Mustang GT! Simple enough!

And this Boss Mustang goes! A 225-HP Challenger Special V-8 engine ... styled “mag” wheels ... 4-speed synchronized floor shift ... five-dial instrument cluster. Accent Paint Stripe and Rocker Panel Molding Package ... plus all the other top features that make this America’s hottest car!

Are you going to let a postcard stand between you and the greatest goody of the year? Of course not! Tune in Boss Radio, right this instant, and find out where to mail it!
KHJ Boss Mustang Contest Ad

KHJ Magic Key

This is a key that made one eligible to win a 1965 Ford Mustang in Boss Radio’s first major promotion. The promotion was know as both the “Magic Key” and “Boss Mustang” contest. The car was given away on June 6, 1965 at the Fairfax Theater in Hollywood. Jim McGuinn of the Byrds drew the winning number and Ilene Jackman held the corresponding key to win the car.

KHJ Magic Key

KHJ Boss Radio Print Ad

This is a print ad for the May 9, 1965 edition of the Los Angeles Times and features the seven original Boss Jocks.

KHJ Los Angeles Times Advertisement

KHJ Boss Radio Antenna Flag

A promotional Boss Radio car antenna flag. Measures 6.75" wide by 5.5" at the tallest point.

KHJ Boss Radio Antenna Flag
KHJ Boss Radio Antenna Flag

Ken DeVaney and Clancy Imislund

Promotion Director Clancy Imislund (left) and KHJ General Manager Ken DeVaney with the 52,000 postcards received by KHJ in the “More Music Jackpot” promotion in June, 1965.

Working behind-the-scenes, both gentlemen were an integral part of the Boss Radio team. It was Ken DeVaney who first coined the phrase “Boss Radio” for use as the station’s slogan.

Photo of Ken DeVaney and Clancy Imislund
A number of sources credit Clancy Imislund as the originator of the “Boss Radio” slogan. While Ron Jacobs was writing his book KHJ: Inside Boss Radio, Ken DeVaney sent Jacobs an e-mail to clarify the situation around who originated the phrase. Jacobs included it in his book on page 40.

Below is the text from Ken DeVaney’s e-mail to Ron Jacobs:
For what it’s worth, it was I who initiated the name “Boss Radio,” the slogan that is now indelibly etched in the history of radio itself.

In May 1990 the 25th anniversary of Boss Radio generated a staff reunion. The event marked a sense of renewed nostalgia and history of the early, frantic days of the new KHJ format that debuted a quarter century before. At the time, Clancy Imislund was “officially” credited with coming up with the Boss Radio slogan. Well, for all of his considerable gifts, he did not coin that term — because he had no basis upon which to do it.

With my wife’s disability we had a great number of teenage mother’s helpers in and out of our home in the San Fernando Valley at the same time we were pulling together KHJ. I noticed that these girls, in the slang of the day, constantly used the term “boss” when referring to someone or something that was superior in all respects.

Before “Boss Radio” made its debut I was at one of our brainstorming sessions on Melrose awaiting the official signing of Drake-Chenault, and shortly thereafter, the hiring of Jacobs. I told the group of my experiences in a house full of teenagers day and night. The next thing I knew Clancy was developing ads based on a “boss” theme. Now, you may believe that or not, but that is the way of it.

9th Street West Admission Ticket

This is an admission ticket for Sam Riddle’s “9th Street West” television show on KHJ-TV. No boys in sweaters admitted.

9th Street West Admission Ticket

Boss Jock Johnny Mitchell Postcard

This is a promotional postcard for Johnny Mitchell. The back of the postcard reads:

KHJ “Boss Jock” Johnny Mitchell
The out-of-sight sound of Johnny Mitchell is the newest, bossest groove on Los Angeles radio dials. Johnny’s a swinger all the way who digs every single sound he’s laying into Southern California. He’s been a topper everywhere he’s travelled . . . and now, baby, this is where he is!
KHJ Boss Jock Johnny Mitchell Postcard

Boss Jock The Real Don Steele Postcard

This is a promotional postcard for The Real Don Steele. The back of the postcard reads:

KHJ “Boss Jock” The Real Don Steele
Unreal as he sounds (and looks on many occasions!) Don Steele earnestly maintains he is genuine. If he isn’t ... he sure knows where it’s at! And with Steele at KHJ you know he’s the boss until the real thing comes along.
KHJ Boss Jock The Real Don Steele Postcard

KHJ Boss 30 - August 4, 1965

Issue #5 - Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield looking sharp on the cover of the Boss 30.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - The Righteous Brothers
KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - August 4, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - August 11, 1965

Issue #6 - This is the first survey to feature Boss Jock Johnny Mitchell on the cover. Mitchell replaced original Boss Jock Dave Diamond in the 6PM - 9PM slot.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 6 - Johnny Mitchell
KHJ Boss 30 No. 6 - August 11, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - August 18, 1965

Issue #7 - And the hits just keep on comin’...

KHJ Boss 30 No. 7 - The Beatles
KHJ Boss 30 No. 7 - August 18, 1965

KHJ Boss 30 - August 25, 1965

Issue #8 - Robert W. Morgan makes his first appearance on the cover of the Boss 30 while “Eve of Destruction” by Barry McGuire is the new No. 1 song.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 8 - Robert W. Morgan
KHJ Boss 30 No. 8 - August 25, 1965

Robert W. Morgan 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Boss Jock Robert W. Morgan from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. These were distributed to prospective advertisers. The text reads:

They Wake Up With The Rooster From Wooster

It is safe to say that Wooster (Ohio) College has never been one of the really big names in Southern California radio ... ranking somewhere between cumquats and Lake Ontario. But the Wooster Meteor has taken over the 6 a.m. to 9 a.m. wake-up chores on Boss Radio, and things are looking up!

Robert W. has sandwiched a remarkable radio career between campus days and his entry to Hollywood. In four major stations, he has scored No. 1 in every segment in which he has appeared. Most recently the leading fog-clearer in San Francisco, he now grabs the dial at 93 first thing in the morning, and just doesn’t let go.

Primarily, though, Bob works at being a smooth vehicle for sales. If you’re not getting your share of worms, let this swinging early bird give you a boost.
Robert W. Morgan 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

Roger Christian 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Boss Jock Roger Christian from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Composer, Writer, Actor [and Boss Jock!]

Roger, who labors in the Boss vineyard from 9 until noon each morning, is obviously a man of many talents. During the past few years, he has penned record hits for such contemporary leaders as Jan & Dean, and the Beachboys ... done songs for a number of films ... sold two screenplays ... acted in major features such as “The Carpetbaggers” ... all in addition to his role as a top radio personality with daily exposure to thousands of solvent followers.

Roger is a smooth and polished salesman, who communicates the bread-and-butter commercial message with grace and charm. A non-advocate of the “shout and scream” school of radio sales, he has the outstanding virtue of believability, and a track record to prove it. It’s not mere coincidence that he carries the late forenoon slot for Boss Radio ... the segment where the target is primarily the money-jingling hausfrau. Roger has got ‘em where you want ‘em!
Roger Christian 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

Gary Mack 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Boss Jock Gary Mack from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Out of the Box
Into the Sunshine

Out of K-BOX, that is, where he established just about the only No. 1 rating that the Dallas station ever achieved over its tough competition. A product of Chicago, Gary has learned his business in some of the nation’s most competitive markets, ranging from Miami to Hollywood.

Now pacesetter of the noon till 3 quadrille on Boss Radio, Gary brings into his daytime segment all the zing he has picked up during his years as DJ and Program Director. And, most importantly, he uses the bumps and bruises from his own school of hard knocks to expertly sell his commercial time.

If you want to get into those daytime households, Gary is your man ... ‘cause that’s where he’s being heard.
Gary Mack 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet