Roger Christian 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Boss Jock Roger Christian from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Composer, Writer, Actor [and Boss Jock!]

Roger, who labors in the Boss vineyard from 9 until noon each morning, is obviously a man of many talents. During the past few years, he has penned record hits for such contemporary leaders as Jan & Dean, and the Beachboys ... done songs for a number of films ... sold two screenplays ... acted in major features such as “The Carpetbaggers” ... all in addition to his role as a top radio personality with daily exposure to thousands of solvent followers.

Roger is a smooth and polished salesman, who communicates the bread-and-butter commercial message with grace and charm. A non-advocate of the “shout and scream” school of radio sales, he has the outstanding virtue of believability, and a track record to prove it. It’s not mere coincidence that he carries the late forenoon slot for Boss Radio ... the segment where the target is primarily the money-jingling hausfrau. Roger has got ‘em where you want ‘em!
Roger Christian 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet


Anonymous said...

Thought I'd tell you that happen to share the same birthday (July 2sn) as Roger!