Welcome to a look back at 93/KHJ Boss Radio in Los Angeles. This site contains various KHJ-related images primarily from 1965-73 with some additional material from 1974-80.

I first discovered Boss Radio in 1966 when I was ten and was immediately hooked. It was all so exciting. The Boss Jocks, the music, the contests, the entire package. For the next five years or so my radio was glued to the Big 93.

My serious collecting of KHJ artifacts started in the late 1970’s. Black Box surveyIt all began at the old Capitol Records swap meet in Hollywood when I found one KHJ survey (No. 134) in amongst the stuff somebody was selling. All of the great memories of Boss Radio came roaring back. I paid something like 50 cents for that one survey and it started me on a journey that’s now lasted some forty years. This site contains the bulk of the KHJ material that I’ve been able to accumulate over that period.

During the course of my collecting I’ve been fortunate to have obtained some wonderful items from some of those who were involved with KHJ including Gary Mack, The Real Don Steele, Shaune Steele, Ron Jacobs, Bill Mouzis, Allen Daviau, and Howard Risk. I am most grateful for their generosity.

I intended for this site to be a visual look at Boss Radio. For those more interested in the inner workings, I suggest visiting Woody Goulart’s Boss Radio Forever site.

I hope you enjoy taking a look back at 93/KHJ Boss Radio. Feel free to send an e-mail if you have any questions.

Ray Randolph