Gary Mack 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Boss Jock Gary Mack from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Out of the Box
Into the Sunshine

Out of K-BOX, that is, where he established just about the only No. 1 rating that the Dallas station ever achieved over its tough competition. A product of Chicago, Gary has learned his business in some of the nation’s most competitive markets, ranging from Miami to Hollywood.

Now pacesetter of the noon till 3 quadrille on Boss Radio, Gary brings into his daytime segment all the zing he has picked up during his years as DJ and Program Director. And, most importantly, he uses the bumps and bruises from his own school of hard knocks to expertly sell his commercial time.

If you want to get into those daytime households, Gary is your man ... ‘cause that’s where he’s being heard.
Gary Mack 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet


zeldaf said...

This is from ages ago. Always a fan from 1958 in Amarillo, Texas. A young naive girl named Alice.

Hadn't thought of you in ages....then I heard 'Misty'. Wish I were still that young. I saw that you did an event in Del Mar. Lived here since 1986, and hope to never leave. Only the best wishes for you and your family.