KHJ Boss 30 - August 4, 1965

Issue #5 - Bill Medley and Bobby Hatfield looking sharp on the cover of the Boss 30.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - The Righteous Brothers
KHJ Boss 30 No. 5 - August 4, 1965


Glen Martin said...

Terrific Blog Ray! Found it through a link from pals in the community.

Looking at the survey, all the memories of a carefree high school summer at Santa Monica beach come rolling back in. All the beach radios seemed to be tuned to 93/KHJ.

Love that Bobby Fuller Four hit at 25 on the chart - a west coast turntable hit for sure, but every bit as good or better than "I Fought the Law". Just picked up a stereo copy of "Let Her Dance" this month and it ROCKS!

Greg Golden said...

Love the Bob Dylan single at #1. This single was, if I remember correctly, almost 6 minutes long. It must have taken some real courage for KHJ management to allow so MUCH time to one song. But, what a great record it was.

Steve E. said...

I think KHJ played just the first two verses of the song and then faded it out. At least that's how I remember it a few years later when it was played as a Golden. Ray, do you remember firsthand from 1965?

Ray Randolph said...

I didn't start listening to KHJ until early 1966. Even then, I wouldn't remember what version was played as my memory for those kind of details isn't very good. I see the promo single for "Like A Rolling Stone" had the song split into two parts. Hopefully someone with better recall can chime in as to which version was played.

ZakMars said...

They played both the long and short versions. Maybe the long version was at night. Or maybe they started with the long version and used the edit later. I remember getting used to hearing the 6 minute version and then thinking it sounded odd when the song was sometimes cut off halfway through.

Bob Harlow said...

The Columbia white label (red vinyl ) promo 45 of "Like A Rolling Stone" has part 1 on one side and part 2 on the other.

KHJ mostly stuck to side one ,at least that's my memory when it was new. I did actually hear Don Steele stepping over
the fade up vocal intro of side 2 ...."it's 3:30 in BOSS Angeles!" He sounded surprised .