Mike Dunaway

Issue #610 - March 15, 1977

Mike Dunaway makes his only appearance on the cover of the survey. It states on the survey that he worked weekends and that’s about all I know about him.

KHJ Thirty No. 610 - Mike Dunaway   KHJ Thirty No. 610 - March 15, 1977


Michael Hagerty said...

Mike Dunaway was Ray Dunaway and did mornings at WFAA, Dallas. An aircheck of him there is online at Reelradio.com.

WFAA got crushed by KLIF and changed format in 1976. Charlie Van Dyke hired Dunaway to be KHJ's fulltime parttime guy (a neat RKO deal which basically gave a jock one or two specific weekend shifts and put them on call for any absences by the regular jocks the rest of the week...with a full-time paycheck and full benefits package), replacing Beau Weaver, who went to Houston, I believe.

Before that, Ray replaced Jackson Armstrong at WPOP, Providence in 1970.

After KHJ, it was Kansas City for a lot of years.

Since 1992, he's been the morning co-host at WTIC, Hartford.

Dunaway has a great voice and is well worth the listen over at Reelradio.