KHJ Thirty - May 9, 1972

Issue #358 - Robert W. Morgan is your musical trail boss from 6AM - 9AM on 93/KHJ.

KHJ Thirty No. 358 - Robert W. Morgan   KHJ Thirty No. 358 - May 9, 1972


Anonymous said...

Along the lines of the Gallery comment from last week's chart, we have "Candy Man," which hit No. 1 nationally, making its one and only appearance on the KHJ Thirty. Weird.

Anonymous said...

Well the song sucked. It was a novelty song for kids from a hit movie. KHJ had the good sense to not power it, or even play it much at all.

agn said...

You know what's interesting - I had heard back then that "Candy Man" was slang for a Drug Dealer. But that couldn't be why KHJ pulled it?...Could it?