KHJ Thirty - May 16, 1972

Issue #359 - Charlie Van Dyke makes his last appearance on the survey until August 1973. He went to WLS in Chicago and returned to KHJ to do morning drive when Robert W. Morgan departed.

KHJ Thirty No. 359 - Charlie Van Dyke   KHJ Thirty No. 359 - May 16, 1972


Anonymous said...

Seven records debut this week. Highly unusual.

The oddest is "Taxi." I love that record, but I was always surprised that KHJ played it. It's long, and KHJ did NOT edit it as I recall, not even cutting the falsetto portion in the middle.

Of course, in the schoolyard, we all loved "Troglodyde." Couldn't get enough of "one of the Butt sisters."

Anonymous said...

Steve. I'll make it simple. At this time in 1972 Drake wanted his 18-34's back. For this he eschewed the normal teenybopper top 40 and played a hipper list. In other words he wasn't programming to your school yard.

agn said...

I think with Joe Tex's "I Gotcha", this was the first time that a song dropped to the #30 position since "Jumpin' Jack Flash" on 7/24/1968 ?

Ray Randolph said...

You are correct. "I Gotcha" was the first song to hit No. 30 on its descent since "Jumpin' Jack Flash" in 1968. Unfortunately this was a harbinger of things to come. Three more songs did it before the end of 1972. As the song turnover rate decreased in 1973 and beyond, there were a boatload of songs that also did it.