KHJ Thirty - May 2, 1972

Issue #357 - Set sail with Mark Elliott every day from Noon ‘til Three on the Big 93!

KHJ Thirty No. 357 - Mark Elliott   KHJ Thirty No. 357 - May 2, 1972


Anonymous said...

For the second consecutive week, we have a hitbound that won't make the Thirty (the one last week was by April Wine). But the one this week is a big surprise -- "Nice to Be With You." And I always wondered why. It was by far Gallery's biggest hit nationally -- reaching No. 4. And yet KHJ bailed on it early, even though the group's next two singles WOULD make KHJ's chart. Someone posted a possible reason for this -- something to do with the music director at the time. But it still makes little sense to me. And it's a good record.

Anonymous said...

The answers to my Gallery questions are in the May 30 survey coming up. From an earlier discussion (the May 30 chart was posted earlier than this one was).