Johnny Williams

These are the final three surveys to feature Johnny Williams on the cover after 9+ years at KHJ. The last of the original “Boss Jocks,” he moved on to WTAE in Pittsburgh. He currently lives in Hawaii and is the founder of the radio-related website.

Issue #447 - January 22, 1974

KHJ Thirty No. 447 - Johnny Williams   KHJ Thirty No. 447 - January 22, 1974

Issue #455 - March 19, 1974

KHJ Thirty No. 455 - Johnny Williams   KHJ Thirty No. 455 - March 19, 1974

Issue #481 - September 17, 1974

KHJ Thirty No. 481 - Johnny Williams   KHJ Thirty No. 481 - September 17, 1974


Michael Hagerty said...

With the exception of something like six weeks or two months of middays in 1967, Johnny Williams did NINE AND A HALF YEARS of overnights.

That deserves some kind of medal. I did exactly six weeks worth of 12Midnight-6AM in my career. And I still feel tired thinking about it 34 years later.

Anonymous said...

On this final survey with his face, Williams finally has facial hair.

The Thirty lists Elton John with John Lennon for "Whatever Gets You Thru the Night," but I don't think EJ's name is on the single. Of course, when you consider who was the bigger name in 1974, I guess it's no surprise.

"Beach Baby" by First Class marks the return of Tony Burrows, who was the voice of Edison Lighthouse, White Plains, Brotherhood of Man and the Pipkins on hits in 1970.

"You Call Me Back" is a single that I have no memory of.

"Love Me For a Reason" is a great soul record, all the more amazing when you realize it's the Osmonds.

Michael Hagerty said...

"You Call Me Back" was the first in a series of odd additions to the KHJ playlist by Gerry Petersen in his final three months at KHJ.
Coincidentally, there was a series of articles in the trades in late '74 regarding "paper adds"...records PDs would put on the playlists (which were sent to and published by the trades, thus influencing other stations) but not actually play.