Larry McKay

Issue #487 - October 29, 1974

Larry McKay first appeared on the survey in July 1974 and worked a 10AM - 2PM shift until appx April 1975. He has worked at a variety of Los Angeles stations since departing KHJ and also done voiceover work. He has a website at

KHJ Thirty No. 487 - Larry McKay   KHJ Thirty No. 487 - October 29, 1974


Michael Hagerty said...

No offense to Larry, who evolved into a very good jock over time in L.A., but this was another case of Gerry Petersen bringing in medium-market talent (Larry'd been at KRIZ in Phoenix, which was a much smaller city in '74).

Van Dyke replaced him with Bobby Ocean in May 1975.

Anonymous said...

One of my favorites from this period is Prelude's acapella cover of Neil Young's "After the Gold Rush."

"Junior's Farm" was a great McCartney rocker, but he's never seemed too fond of it. I don't think he's done it on any of his many tours. The B-side, "Sally G," was a fine country song.