Machine Gun Kelly

Issue #472 - July 16, 1974

Machine Gun Kelly came from KSTP in Minneapolis and initially worked the 6PM - 10PM shift. He then moved to the afternoon drive slot where he stayed for better than three years. He left KHJ for KTNQ in March, 1978 and returned briefly to KHJ in 1979.

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KHJ Thirty No. 472 - Machine Gun Kelly   KHJ Thirty No. 472 - July 16, 1974


Anonymous said...

Wow -- four new records on this list. Had to be a rarity in 1974.

1974 takes a lot of raps for producing so many groaner hits, but I look at this chart and see a lot of fine singles. And yes, I admit I like "Billy, Don't Be a Hero." The Paper Lace original is interesting to hear, too.

Anonymous said...

Well, it only took me two and a half years to see the error in the exhibit description. MG left in March, 1978 for TenQ.

If he returned to KHJ briefly, I have never heard about it.

Ray Randolph said...

Thanks Michael. I've incorporated your info about his departure into the description.

The only thing I have regarding his return to KHJ is a survey dated 8/21/79. It features his picture on the cover with a caption of "The Gunner 6 - 10PM."

Anonymous said...

Ray: I'd love to see it! Can you post it?

Ray Randolph said...

Michael - I'll send you a copy via e-mail.