KHJ Thirty - May 22, 1973

Issue #412 - Eight years after opening the mike to start the “Boss Radio” format on KHJ, The Real Don Steele makes his final appearance on the cover of the survey. He and ex-KHJ alumni Robert W. Morgan, Humble Harve, and Jerry Butler joined forces with Bill Drake at K-100 (KIQQ-FM) later in 1973. He went on to work at KTNQ, KRLA, KODJ/KCBS, and KRTH. He passed away from cancer in 1997 at age 61.

There isn’t much I can add about The Real Don Steele that hasn’t already been said. To me, he was simply the best.

KHJ Thirty No. 412 - The Real Don Steele   KHJ Thirty No. 412 - May 22, 1973


Bruce said...

I never heard him "live" but thanks to Shaune and all of the other aircheck collectors and traders I have been blessed to hear a good sampling of what I missed.

He was the best. Simply the best. He was Boss Radio.

I really enjoy his 1966 and 1967 stuff the most, I think he had a certain energy and creativity that was just the right mix for me. This is not saying that he ever lacked energy and creativity, he didn't, he brought it every day, it's just that it seems to me to have shifted a bit after awhile, as he probably wanted to change things up a bit, to keep himself sane. Who wants to do the same thing everyday anyways?

I really enjoyed his ad copy that he did. It was filled with sarcasm, but it was amazing. The Sears garage door ad comes to mind, among many others.

I'm glad I finally was turned on the Don, better late than never.

"Disneyland, is throwing the biggest brightest happiest New Years Eve party ever and you are invited Boom-boom!"

Brian said...

I always thought it was interesting that The Real Don Steele continued to work for KHJ TV 9 for at least another year.

The one episode of his TV show on youtube is from May of 1974.

Anonymous said...

Elementary and junior high school got out at 3 p.m. for me in the late '60s and early '70s. I would try to get home as fast as I could so I could turn on my radio to catch Steele's show. A great after-school treat.

Michael Hagerty said...

The right jock at the right time in the right city on the right station.

I agree with Bruce...the glory days were '66 and '67 (I'd add '68 and '69 until the walkout...he never seemed to have quite as much fun again after that...except for the 1971 aircheck posted here where the bosses are gone)...but there never was a bad show.

Steele was amazing 30 years later, in his last gig at KRTH. The best ever.

Anonymous said...

I was first aware of Don through his TV show; but I didn't REALLY listen to him until he was on KRLA in the mid-late 1980s. You know, I actually cried the whole weekend after Don's passing.

Don Steele WAS "93 KHJ!"

70's Soul Retro Countdown said...

One of my favorite 70's bands peaks at #16 with Funky Worm. This is far from their finest moment but mega success was not far in the future.

KG Dave said...

One of my favorite Real Don Steele moments came in the 1990s when he was on KRTH. This was a time when KRTH’s playlist was very narrow and repetitive. He had just played the Four Tops’ “It’s The Same Old Song” and in back-announcing the song he said, “IT’S THE FORMAT, BABY!” I’m sure that station management was furious but somehow he kept his job. After that day, whenever I heard KRTH playing the Four Tops’ “It’s The Same Old Song” they would immediately follow it by another song, so that the DJ could not back-announce it.