KHJ Thirty - May 15, 1973

Issue #411 - “Captain John” Lodge makes his first appearance on the cover of the survey. He replaced Jerry Butler in the 6PM - 9PM slot.

KHJ Thirty No. 411 - Captain John   KHJ Thirty No. 411 - May 15, 1973


Anonymous said...

"Let's Pretend," listed under New Music," is sublime. I think it's the '70s answer to "Wouldn't It Be Nice." Eric Carmen's voice has never been better.

KHJ played "Kodachrome" intact, but I can recall one station playing it with the "crap" cut out.

It was surprising that KHJ charted "Superfly Meets Shaft," a break-in record. The previous fall, "Convention '72" went Top 10 nationally but didn't chart on KHJ.

Michael Hagerty said...

As I remember it, KHJ played the edit of Kodachrome. So did K-100. KKDJ played the uncut version, as did KCBQ, San Diego.

Anonymous said...

You could be right about "Kodachrome." It's hard for me to remember at this point who played which version. I DO remember hearing it air on a station once in 1973 with SIRENS coming in over the "crap."

Anonymous said...

I agree that KHJ played the edited version of Kodachrome.