KHJ Thirty - August 25, 1971

Issue #321 - Dick Saint makes his first and only appearance on the cover of the survey while Rod Stewart’s “Every Picture Tells a Story” becomes the new No. 1 album.

KHJ Thirty No. 321 - Dick Saint   KHJ Thirty No. 321 - August 25, 1971


Anonymous said...

Dick Saint(e) was doing Sundays from 9 to 3--clearly that is the longest shift any Boss Jock ever had.

Ray Randolph said...

Can't forget Johnny Williams. Midnight to 6AM for nine years.

Anonymous said...

I can barely remember Dick Saint, but the name does ring a bell.

Considering how long the "Ram" album had been out, I always wondered why Apple waited so long to release "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" as a single. It went No. 1 nationally.

"I Ain't Got Time Anymore," a fine single, is yet another Hitbound that won't make the Thirty. That's three in the past few weeks, highly unusual by this time.

Michael Hagerty said...

Dick was a real rarity...he left the program director's job at KRLA to become a weekend/fill-in Boss Jock at KHJ. Very few jocks ever went from KRLA to KHJ to begin with.

But Dick had Boss in his blood, having been at KGB, San Diego and KFRC, San Francisco before going to KRLA in '69.

Dick crossed the street to KIIS (AM) after KHJ for a few months, and then went to WLS and WCFL in Chicago. He did Portland in the 80s and Las Vegas and Phoenix (though I never heard him here) in the 90s, before retiring to The Dalles, Oregon, where he passed away in 2005.

Brian said...

I've heard one Dick Sainte KHJ aircheck and he sounded great as a Boss Jock. Too bad he didn't have a regular weekday shift and it is a shame his stay at KHJ was so short.