KHJ Thirty - August 18, 1971

Issue #320 - Roll on with Bill Wade from 9AM to Noon on the Big 93.

KHJ Thirty No. 320 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 320 - August 18, 1971


Anonymous said...

"Roll On" is another fine, forgotten single.

"The Story in Your Eyes" is one of my favorite Moody Blues songs.

"Fallin' Lady" is a Hitbound with no Thirty future, and I don't remember it at all.

Michael Hagerty said...

Fallin' Lady was on A&M and is worth searching out...a very good record that surprised me by not being a hit.

Anonymous said...

Turns out I HAVE "Fallin' Lady." It's on one of the volumes of Rhino's great "Have a Nice Day" series of '70s singles.

Jim Clark said...

Went to Bill Wade's Broadcast School in late 60's, got a job in broadcasting out of it too. Good school, great instructor, Scott O' Neill.