KHJ Hall of Fame 1971

This is an insert sheet from KHJ’s 1971 “Hall of Fame” souvenir booklet that shows the new additions made in 1971. I’ve tacked it onto the end of the 1970 souvenir booklet since the 1970 & 1971 booklets are virtually identical except for the DJ thumbnail pictures.

1971 KHJ Hall of Fame Supplement


Anonymous said...

Once again, I have no memory of this Hall of Fame thing on KHJ, even though it was still the only station I was listening to at this time.

KG Dave said...

In my opinion, one problem with the 1971 Hall Of Fame was the way it was presented. KHJ alternated Hall Of Fame songs with current hits. So (for example) they would play “Light My Fire” by the Doors immediately followed by “Stick-Up” by the Honey Cone. I think it would have worked much better if they had played exclusively HOF songs that weekend. Better yet, they should have played the entire Hall Of Fame in chronological order. KRTH tried this in the 1980s and I found it very effective.