KHJ Boss 30 - January 6, 1971

Issue #288 - The Los Angeles Times names KHJ’s Charlie Tuna “Contemporary Disc Jockey of the Year.”

KHJ Boss 30 No. 288 - Charlie Tuna  KHJ Boss 30 No. 288 - January 6, 1971


Anonymous said...

I remember being hugely surprised that "One Less Bell to Answer" rebounded to No. 1. It had spent a couple of weeks at No. 2, then had fallen to No. 3. So I expected it to begin its decline. When "My Sweet Lord" fell to No. 1, I expected "Knock Three Times" to finally move up to the top, since it had topped the Billboard Hot 100, too.

"Temptation Eyes" might be my favorite Grass Roots single, and they had many great ones.

We were just talking about local hits on a previous posting, and here's one: "When I'm Dead and Gone." It only Bubbled Under nationally. The song did better around the globe by a group called McGuinness Flint, but I had Summers' version.

Anonymous said...

The station's stop-smoking campaign....I know the Real Don Steele was still lighting up (he didn't quit until the late 70s, I believe) and Robert W. Morgan still puffed away after returning from Chicago. Does anyone else know the situation with the other Boss Jocks at this time>

Anonymous said...

I assume it's no coincidence that the KHJ no-smoking campaign coincided with the banning of cigarette commercials on TV as of Jan. 1, 1971.

Anonymous said...

That's me above. I clicked publish too quickly.