KHJ Boss 30 - September 10, 1969

Issue #219 - Robert W. Morgan pays tribute to his studio engineer - Walt “Failsafe” Radtke.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 219 - Failsafe
KHJ Boss 30 No. 219 - September 10, 1969


Bruce said...


Do you have any further insight into "Failsafe"? He appears to be in uniform, was he in the service at the time? And if so, was he stationed locally and moonlighting? Or had he maybe just returned from the service?

Michael Hagerty said...

I'm betting that's not KHJ's transmitter...and may or may not be Walt 'Failsafe' Radtke.

steve elders said...

So THAT'S who Failsafe was. I remember Morgan making reference to him, but I never figured out who he was talking to.

Michael Hagerty said...

Failsafe, Kenny Orchard, Dave Labby, Dexter Young and later Jon Badeaux were the brilliant board engineers behind the Boss Jocks.

While the jocks worked three-hour shifts, the engineers worked six...and those immaculate segues were all theirs.

Michael Hagerty said...

KFRC, San Francisco also had some great engineers...and when Bobby Ocean arrived, he nicknamed George Zema "Flawless".

steve elders said...

It doesn't surprise me at all that KHJ had great guys on the boards. It all sounded so seamless, so flowing. And I guess I shouldn't be surprised that while the jocks worked three hours, the off-mike people worked longer.

Ray Randolph said...

I would also guess that the transmitter in the photo is not KHJ's. It may be a photo of Walt Radtke but of unknown vintage. There's a photo of him on an upcoming survey (Issue #248) and he looks to be older than the person pictured on this survey.

And we can't forget Bill Mouzis, who was the board op for The Real Don Steele prior to Jon Badeaux.