KHJ Boss 30 - July 31, 1968

Issue #161 - KHJ presents the Young Rascals at the Hollywood Bowl on August 16, 1968.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 161 - Robert W. Morgan
KHJ Boss 30 No. 161 - July 31, 1968


Anonymous said...

Note that "Sunshine of Your Love" has crept back UP the past two weeks.

My 10-year-old ears thought the wah-wah sound on "Pictures of Matchstick Men" was the grooviest thing.

Even though I was now listening full bore to KHJ, I have absolutely no memory of the record "Hector." Not by name, not by the group, not by the record itself. I finally got it on a CD in the 1990s, and it had zero recognition for me, and I am still surprised by that, since it charted on KHJ for I think three weeks.

Ray Randolph said...

That's another thing I'll have to look into one of these days: how many songs went back up after starting their descent. I know it's not many.

There are some great songs on this survey. "Born To Be Wild" is a given. "Mr. Businessman" and "Do It Again" are personal favorites.

I also draw a blank on "Hector." After hearing it last year I could understand why I didn't remember it. It's not exactly my cup of tea.

ZakMars said...

I remember "Hector" getting quite a bit of airplay on KHJ. When it first came out, the Real Don Steele played it one afternoon and in his usual madcap way was screaming and yelling "I can't see! I can't see!" over the fadeout, mimicking what the guy is saying near the end of the song (still not sure those were the exact words). The following Wednesday night on the Boss 30 countdown, Sam Riddle either neglected to say the title or I missed him saying it. For another week or so, I thought the song was called "I Can't See" until Carlos at the C&R record shop (where I hung out at on Whittier Blvd.) informed me otherwise. I still get nostalgic when I hear the song. Of course, I only hear it when I'm playing the 45 or listening to my iPod (I dubbed it from the original blue label Rampart single - which is in stereo, by the way!)