The Road to Washington ’68

Special Events Director Art Kevin covers the 1968 Presidential race for KHJ 20/20 News. The text on the back reads:

Art Kevin, KHJ newsman, has been assigned to cover the 1968 Presidential race. He will travel the country reporting live from key primaries and from the Republican and Democratic conventions.

Kevin has helped to distinguish the KHJ News Department in the past with his reporting of the assassination of President Kennedy, the 1965 Watts riots, and the Garrison investigations. His reporting of this year’s Presidential race is another example that ... news is important at KHJ.
KHJ Road to Washington 1968 (Cover)
KHJ Road to Washington 1968


Bruce said...

When did that come out? It mentions the JFK assassination, ironic that it was probably just before Bobby was struck down also.

Ray Randolph said...

If I had to guess I'd say February, before the primaries began and before Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated.