Boss Jock The Real Don Steele Postcard

This is a promotional postcard for The Real Don Steele. The back of the postcard reads:

KHJ “Boss Jock” The Real Don Steele
Unreal as he sounds (and looks on many occasions!) Don Steele earnestly maintains he is genuine. If he isn’t ... he sure knows where it’s at! And with Steele at KHJ you know he’s the boss until the real thing comes along.
KHJ Boss Jock The Real Don Steele Postcard


Anonymous said...

Simply the best. A master communicator.

Helene said...

Steele was, hands down, my all-time favorite DJ! I was 15, in '65. I was a frequent caller to his show... & had the pleasure of meeting him & R.W. Morgan when they staged a meet & greet at Crescent Heights Elementary School, while four of my first cousins were still enrolled there.
I used to get a laugh out of that signature thing he did where he named off a whole list of celebs, past & then-current, whose names ended in a "long 'a'" sound... & kept suggesting that he name also French actor Maurice Chevalier. He may not have been "relevant to the demographic"... but neither were Doris Day or Danny Kaye, who WERE included!
If Don is still around, I'm on Facebook (Helene Dadoune) and would enjoy hearing from him!

Ray Randolph said...

Thank you for sharing your memories, Helene. Unfortunately Don passed away from lung cancer in 1997 at age 61.