KHJ Thirty - October 23, 1973

Issue #434 - This is the last of the fourth-generation surveys. The next survey wouldn’t be issued until December. Issues #435 thru 439 were distributed to record stores in a poster-size format for display only.

KHJ Thirty No. 434 - Palumbo   KHJ Thirty No. 434 - October 23, 1973


Anonymous said...

Jim Croce's first posthumous single charts. And Cheech and Chong show up with one of their most famous bits, which was on their second album almost a year and a half earlier. "Class ... class ... SHUT UP!!!!"

Ray Randolph said...

The "Shut Up!" bit from "Sister Mary Elephant" is hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I don't count any of the KHJ Thirtys once Drake, Morgan, and Steele left. It was a lot of B team jocks.