KHJ Thirty - October 16, 1973

Issue #433 - This is the final time we’ll see Barry Kaye on the cover of the survey. He appeared on one more survey prior to departing in early 1974. He returned to Texas where he enjoyed much success and was elected to the Texas Radio Hall of Fame in 2003.

KHJ Thirty No. 433 - Barry Kaye   KHJ Thirty No. 433 - October 16, 1973


Michael Hagerty said...

San Diegans had heard Barry in afternoon drive for a long time...he'd been at KGB.

Tape exists (on of The Real Don Steele's Fractious Friday signoff on K-100 when he learned Barry was leaving KHJ after less than a year to return to Texas. It's hysterical. A portion:

"Francis Faye, Marvin Gaye, Alvino Rey, Dobie Gray....and Barry Kaye BLEW HIS BOOGIE, ladies and gentlemen...more accurate, I think he had his boogie cut out. He thought he had a bigger boogie can't believe your boogie hype, Barry! I know they grow 'em big in Texas, but NOT BIG ENOUGH,SWEETHEART!"

Mean, yes. But very, very funny...and only The Real Don Steele could have done it.

Anonymous said...

"Summer (The First Time)" is probably my favorite Bobby Goldsboro track. It's a "Summer of '42" story, but the arrangement is quite haunting, and it does a fine job of taking us back in the memory of the narrator. The lyrics are subtle, too. Sort of the reverse of Gary Puckett's "This Girl is a Woman Now."