KHJ Thirty - July 3, 1973

Issue #418 - Bobby Rich makes his first appearance on the cover of the survey. He took over the 9PM - Midnight shift when Barry Kaye moved to 3PM - 6PM upon The Real Don Steele’s departure.

KHJ Thirty No. 418 - Bobby Rich   KHJ Thirty No. 418 - July 3, 1973


Anonymous said...

KHJ played edited versions of "Uneasy Rider" and "Diamond Girl," although the latter's 45 was edited, too.

Ironic that with Robert W. Morgan about to leave, KHJ is still having fun with titles. Check out New Music.

Ray Randolph said...

Survey erratum: "Will It Go Round In Circles" by Billy Preston has the "Weeks on Survey" listed as 7. It should be 8.