KHJ Thirty - July 12, 1973

Issue #419 - Be on the lookout for Captain John ... and your chance to grab a KHJ beach towel in the Summer of 93!

KHJ Thirty No. 419 - Captain John   KHJ Thirty No. 419 - July 12, 1973


Anonymous said...

Although I moved to Southern California shortly before the "Drake" era, I was out of state from "72 thru "73. I've noticed a big turnover in the jock lineup during this time period. Was KHJ able to maintain its ratings lead during this transition period?

Michael Hagerty said...

Yes and no. KKDJ was a real threat during 1973...moving close to the top 10 in the ratings...but KHJ never fell, and when Drake, Morgan, Steele and the rest launched K-100 in December, 1973, it split the available audience for Top 40 on FM...driving KKDJ's numbers down. KHJ didn't actually lose in the ratings to a Top 40 competitor until early 1979, when KFI beat them and stayed ahead until KHJ went country in the fall of 1980.

As for this "Thirty"...I notice it's dated NINE days after the previous issue...and "The Morgan After" has been changed to "The Morning After"...meaning Morgan had by now let Paul Drew know he wouldn't be coming back.

Anonymous said...

Likewise, "Touch Me in the Morning" debuts with its proper title, one week after an alternate spelling under New Music.

Also note that two of the debuting records are also listed in New Music.

Ray Randolph said...

Survey erratum: "Will It Go Round In Circles" by Billy Preston has the "Weeks on Survey" listed as 8. It should be 9.