The Unknown Disc Jockey

Issue #677 - July 25, 1978

The Unknown Disc Jockey makes his first appearance on the survey. He brought his bag of sounds to the 3PM - 6PM shift when Machine Gun Kelly departed. His final appearance on the survey came in January 1979.

We’ll see him again in a few months sans the bag and using his real name, Pat Garrett.

KHJ Thirty No. 677 - The Unknown Disc Jockey KHJ Thirty No. 677 - July 25, 1978


Michael Hagerty said...

What did KHJ do instead of pictures for those first six months of '78?
This is from the John Sebastian "AM Means All Music" phase at KHJ. Note that Patti Smith got an 11-week plus run. All the songs on the Thirty were played in their album versions in sets of two or three. Jocks were only allowed to talk at the beginning and end of the set except to say "All Music 93 KHJ" over the intro of the record, or to say goodbye and promote the next jock over the last record of their show.

Ray Randolph said...

Michael, I've posted an example of the faceless survey in the sequence. Or you can go directly to it by clicking here.