Dr. John Leader

Issue #543 - December 2, 1975

Dr. John Leader makes his first appearance on the cover of the survey. He worked the 6PM - 10PM shift before moving to 9AM - Noon in 1977. His final appearance on the survey came in September 1977.

After KHJ he worked for the trade publication Radio & Records then went on to become a well-known voiceover artist. He retired in September 2008.

There’s a clever video called Five Men in a Limo featuring John Leader and Mark Elliott from KHJ as well as other voiceover heavyweights Don LaFontaine, Nick Tate, and Al Chalk. Take a look if you haven’t seen it.

KHJ Thirty No. 543 - Dr. John Leader   KHJ Thirty No. 543 - December 2, 1975


Michael Hagerty said...

Dr. John was a great jock. Killer voice...which is why he did so well in voiceovers. I'm surprised he's retired at such a young age.

And if you didn't click the link to watch "Five Men In A Limo"...do. It's very funny and Dr. John and Mark Elliott are incredible!

70's Soul Retro Countdown said...

"Love Rollercoaster" was a monster hit. 12 weeks in the Top 10 and topped the charts. I hate the way Mercury records chopped up the Ohio Player's singles though. THe full length versions are so much better.