Bobby Ocean

Issue #522 - July 8, 1975

Bobby Ocean was the one constant in a sea of jock changes at KHJ between 1975 and 1980. Having come from KFRC in San Francisco, his first appearance on the survey was in May 1975. He worked the Noon - 3PM shift until 1979 when he moved into the afternoon drive slot. His final appearance on the survey came in January 1980.

A multi-talented individual, he’s the owner of Bobby Ocean, Inc., which provides voice imaging and other services to the broadcast industry. His blog can be found at Ocean Views and Ways.

KHJ Thirty No. 522 - Bobby Ocean   KHJ Thirty No. 522 - July 8, 1975


Anonymous said...

This was a fun summer for me, between 11th and 12th grade. I spent it working as a crew member on a movie that was shooting in and around Long Beach, where I lived: "Kenny and Company," written and directed by Don Coscarelli (whose next film would be "Phantasm"). My best friend and I had had been recruited out of our high school film class, and it was a blast. So lots of these songs bring back memories of that summer.

Ray Stevens' version of "Misty" is a forgotten delight. And "I'm On Fire" is a power-pop classic.

Michael Hagerty said...

Amen to both Ray Stevens and "I'm On Fire"!

And Bobby Ocean...what a guy! What a jock!

His unbroken run at KHJ was the longest of his career (though he's spent more time in separate stints added together at KFRC)and rivals some of the longest runs on the station ever...falling just short of Robert W. Morgan's original five and a half year run a decade earlier. If I'm not mistaken, only Morgan, Steele, Johnny Williams and Sam Riddle were at KHJ longer than Bobby in a single stretch.

Anonymous said...

The only downside of Osh's longetivity...not affording Los Angeles his great "goodbye" shows