Bill Wade

These are the final two surveys featuring KHJ veteran Bill Wade on the cover. Bill was with KHJ for five-and-a-half years and he also ran the Bill Wade School of Broadcasting.

Issue #445 - January 8, 1974

KHJ Thirty No. 445 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 451 - January 8, 1974

Issue #451 - February 19, 1974

KHJ Thirty No. 451 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 451 - February 19, 1974


Anonymous said...

Bill Wade really is one of the unsung heroes of Boss Radio. Solid, and one of the last links to the glory years. Only Johnny Williams now remained, yes?

Break-in king Dickie Goodman finally charts on KHJ under his own name (he WAS "John & Ernest" in 1973, correct?).

Michael Hagerty said...

That's right. Johnny Williams was it...though he'd be gone later in '74. The Drake-trained Boss Jock presence would continue, though...with Charlie Van Dyke (CKLW 1968-69, KFRC 1969-1970 and KGB 1970-1972), Bobby Ocean (KYNO 1968, KGB 1968-1971, KFRC 1972-1975) and the return of Mark Elliott (CKLW 1969, KFRC 1970).

Unknown said...

I went to the bill wade school of broadcasting back in 74.