KHJ’s Big 93 of 1972 Souvenir Booklet

Below is the front cover of KHJ’s Big 93 of 1972 souvenir booklet. Click on the image to view a list of the songs.

KHJ's Big 93 of 1972


Anonymous said...

The Big 93 returns after skipping 1971 (and it skipped 1969, too). And this will be the last one for KHJ, even though the station stuck around with this format through late 1980.

Don Jennett said...

That's correct, Steve. In '69, they did a "Top 100 of the '60s" countdown, and in '71, they played the Big 93, but not in any kind of order (and without mentioning chart positions).

However, KHJ did indeed do a countdown in 1973 (in order -- there are airchecks!), but as I recall they didn't publish a commemorative folder to go with it.

Warren Vandewater said...

Where is American Pie?