Beau Weaver

Issue #570 - June 8, 1976

Beau Weaver makes his only appearance on the cover of the survey. He worked weekends during 1975-76. As with other KHJ alumni, he’s had a successful career in the voiceover field.

He has a website at

KHJ Thirty No. 570 - Beau Weaver   KHJ Thirty No. 570 - June 8, 1976


Michael Hagerty said...

Beauregard Rodriguez Weaver...absolutely one of the best, funniest jocks around.

You have to dig for it (look for the highlighted word "radio" buried in some text) but Beau has airchecks on his SpokenWord site from KRTH and I believe KHJ. There's also some KHJ and KFRC stuff on Reelradio.

One of my favorite jocks of all time....and an amazingly versatile voice-over guy. You probably hear him 15 times a day...and think it's 15 different people.