KHJ Thirty - November 30, 1971

Issue #335 - Keep on keeping on with Bill Wade from 9AM to Noon on the Big 93.

KHJ Thirty No. 335 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 335 - November 30, 1971


Anonymous said...

"Day After Day" is one of THE great singles of 1971.

"So Many People" is another record I barely remember.

Speaking of no memory, the ad for Dixi Cola triggers none.

Ray Randolph said...

I don't remember Dixi Cola either. Talk about a tough market to crack. Although advertising on the survey was still sporadic at this time it would soon become the norm.

Michael Hagerty said...

My only memory of "So Many People" was the version released by Sergio Mendes and Brasil '77 a month earlier. I didn't hear the Chase version until a few years ago. I prefer Sergio's.