KHJ Thirty - November 23, 1971

Issue #334 - This week marks the start of the surveys being previewed on Tuesday instead of Wednesday. In another change, the “HB” designation is abandoned as all new songs on the survey are simply listed with a dash in the “Last Week” column.

KHJ Thirty No. 334 - Jerry Butler   KHJ Thirty No. 334 - November 23, 1971


Anonymous said...

"After All This Time" is one of those black-hole songs for me. I was surprised to see this song listed on the Thirty, since I had zero memory of it. I finally got a copy of it on a CD someone made for me, and it still rang no bells.

70's Soul Retro Countdown said...

There are a lot of black hole songs for me. As I rememeber I was a fanatic also. I used to even tape broadcasts with my cassette recorder!