KHJ Thirty - November 17, 1971

Issue #333 - Charlie Tuna makes his final appearance on the cover of the survey until 1977. His next Los Angeles destination would be KROQ.

A true Los Angeles radio icon, he passed away on February 19, 2016 at age 71.

KHJ Thirty No. 333 - Charlie Tuna   KHJ Thirty No. 333 - November 17, 1971


Anonymous said...

It's fitting to have the plug for THE LAST PICTURE SHOW in the Thirty sheet. While it was the movie that brought Peter Bogdanovich to the forefront, it was in fact his second release. His first film, TARGETS, came out in 1968...and includes the voice of the Real Don Steele, heard on a car radio in one scene.
(along with the voice of Regis Philbin, in a clip from Joey Bishop's talk show--Reege was his announcer/sidekick)

Anonymous said...

"Desiderata" is SO early '70s. The National Lampoon satire "Deteriorata" was played by Dr. Demento a lot and is spot-on. Les Crane died earlier this year, by the way.

Amusing to see "George Jackson" as a Hitbound. It never made the chart, and I can't remember what KHJ did with the line "He didn't take shit from no one."

Michael Hagerty said...

I believe the entire line was deleted.