KHJ Thirty - April 28, 1971

Issue #304 - Bill Wade on the cover of the first “Thirty” as KHJ jettisons all use of the term “Boss.”

KHJ Thirty No. 304 - Bill Wade   KHJ Thirty No. 304 - April 28, 1971


Anonymous said...

I still think Bill Wade resembled Walter "Chekhov" Koenig.

So why DID KHJ drop the "Boss" from its weekly chart? I certainly can't recall. Was the feeling that that format's time had passed?

Anonymous said...

Then I'd like to see Bill's spouse...:)

Bruce said...

Paul, not sure what you're alluding to, but I think it might be Mr Sulu, George Takei.

Michael Hagerty said...

I'm sure the feeling was that "Boss" was over.

When Jim O'Brien replaced Ron Jacobs as Program Director in June, 1969, he dropped use of the term "Boss Angeles" (an aircheck of Scotty Brink on June 12 features him catching himself: "Ten O'Clock in Boss Morning, I'm Scotty Brink."

I believe "Boss 30", "Bosslines" and "Boss Jocks" were the only terms allowed under O'Brien and then only sparingly.

Interestingly, Ron Jacobs himself thought "Boss" was dated even before the station's launch in 1965. When told that Promotions Director Clancy Ismuslund had already branded the station as "Boss Radio", Jacobs is reported to have exploded: "Aw, Man! That s***'s 19-SIXTY, man!"

Anonymous said...

I can see wanting a new identity in a new decade, but I'm amused that Jacobs would have thought that the format was like something from 1960.

Michael Hagerty said...

Steve: Not the format...just the word "Boss".