KHJ Boss 30 - April 14, 1971

Issue #302 - Mark Elliott holds a KHJ ecology poster produced for the events surrounding the second annual Earth Day.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 302 - Mark Elliott   KHJ Boss 30 No. 302 - April 14, 1971


Michael Hagerty said...

I never made it to KHJ (or Los Angeles radio), but this is from my first week as a baby DJ at KIBS, Bishop.

The first song I played on the radio? "I Play and Sing" by Dawn (in its last week on the Boss 30).

And the jock I wanted to sound the most like? Mark Elliott.

Anonymous said...

The previous week's list had another Hitbound that didn't chart: "Gotta See Jane," leaving "Indiana Wants Me" as R. Dean Taylor's only Boss 30 appearance.

Micheal, was KIBS a top 30/40 type of station with its own weekly playlist?

Michael Hagerty said...

KIBS, being the only station for 120 miles (the next nearest one was a station in Ridgecrest), was all things to all people.

In daylight hours, it was the only station audible (unless you found out that putting an FM radio next to the cable for the television got you every Los Angeles FM with a transmitter on Mt. Wilson, which I discovered in 1969). At night, AMs from all over came in, and given its location, KHJ and KFRC were both strong signals in Bishop.

Having a captive audience, KIBS played Country music from 6-9AM, had a one-hour "women's" show, "Coffee With Virginia" (light instrumental and vocal music, household hints and recipes) from 9AM-10AM and "Radio Bingo" (yep, some guy calling out numbers for an hour...each day's cards available at a local sponsor)from 10AM-11AM.

From 11AM until 5PM, it was easy listening (Sinatra, Herb Alpert, Johnny Mathis). There was an hour of news (including ABC network, Paul Harvey and local) from 5PM to 6PM. From 6PM until 7PM, it was "Dinner Hour" (classical or light instrumental like Mantovani or the 101 Strings).

Finally at night, from 7PM until 10PM, it was Top 40 played by high schoolers. The first one, back in 1963, was the owner's son. He scouted out some friends and it became a tradition each year...running until 1974 (I was the second to the last of 14 Bishop High School students who were DJs at KIBS).

The station signed off each night at 10. 7 on Sundays.

Being a bit more radio-involved than most of the other guys, the GM made me music director in 1972 (at age 16), and I began printing up a weekly Top 30playlist and mailing it to the record companies to get music (we'd been trading for advertising with a local record store up to that point).

I was promoted to Program Director at 17 (1973) and broadened the station a bit more, playing album rock on Saturday nights.

Being on the air at the same time that everyone could hear giant Top 40s like KHJ and KFRC just by turning the dial was more than a little intimidating.

Anonymous said...

Mike, I've write in your Reelradio profile you got to KIBS thanks to the efforts of Virginia, of "Coffee with Virginia" fame, as she was a substitute teacher at your high school. I just wondered...who substituted for her at the radio station when she substituted at the high school?

Michael Hagerty said...

Can't believe I missed your five months later, if you're still looking in:
Virginia taped "Coffee With Virginia" on days she couldn't be live.