KHJ Boss 30 - July 22, 1970

Issue #264 - The Real Don Steele spreads the bread on 93/KHJ. Unfortunately this promotion took a tragic turn, the details of which can be found by viewing “Weirum v. RKO General.”

KHJ Boss 30 No. 264 - The Real Don Steele   KHJ Boss 30 No. 264 - July 22, 1970


Michael Hagerty said...

A tragic and ill-timed Boss 30 cover. Six days earlier, on July 16, 1970, 17 year old Robert Sentner and 19 year old Marsha Baime were in two separate cars trying to catch Steele and win some of the money.

One of them forced a third person's car onto a divider, where it flipped over, killing the driver. Sentner found a nearby police officer, told him of the wreck and then kept driving, caught up to Steele and won the money.

The incident created a landmark in media law and is still being taught in law classes today. You can read it at :

Anonymous said...

Speaking of promotions and the Real Don Steele...Reelradio has an aircheck of Don doing the the one before this one, related to old movie trivia. It's several interactions with callers tied together. On one of them he clearly identifies the day as Sunday, and the time early evening. Was Don filling in, because of the DJ upheavals at this time, or was his weekend shift changed from Saturday afternoon?

medilldoc said...

We had this case in law school at Wash U. Still talk about it