Art Kevin: KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for KHJ Newsman Art Kevin from a 20/20 News Sales Folder. The text reads:

Art Kevin, Special Events Editor for KHJ Radio, is a fifteen year veteran of radio news. He began his career in broadcast journalism on the East Coast. Later, he became West Coast Bureau Chief for United Press International’s Radio-TV Division. He also served as West Coast television correspondent for UPI Newsfilm.

An exceptionally knowledgeable and experienced newsman, Art is well-known in Southern California radio. His outstanding news-reporting accomplishments have been commended in numerous letters from Governor Edmund Brown, Mayor Samuel Yorty, the Los Angeles City Council, the Los Angeles Board of Supervisors, and leaders of law enforcement agencies throughout California. Art’s courageous reporting of Los Angeles’ violent Watts disturbance earned him pictorial recognition in Newsweek (August 30, 1965).

Art Kevin ... a most distinguished member of the team of professional newsmen who keep KHJ Radio first in Los Angeles with 20/20 News.
Art Kevin KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet


Ray Randolph said...

Art Kevin passed away from lung cancer in August 2002 at age 67.

Phil T said...

As an old radio newsman myself - working in the UK in the 70s - Art is a legend for me. What a time and WHAT a station to be working in radio news. It remains the fastest medium for true and fast news.