KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet from a 20/20 News Sales Folder. The text reads:

NEWS IS IMPORTANT AT KHJ ... Nine full-time newsmen report all the local, national, international, and sports news. Pictured below, with the three KHJ Mobile Units, are (left to right) ... News Director Jim Lawrence, Newsmen Lyle Kilgore, Tony Allen, Marv Howard ... Roger Aldi, Bill Brown, J. Paul Huddleston, and Sports Director Danny Baxter. Not pictured is KHJ Special Events Director, Art Kevin.
KHJ 20/20 News Sales Sheet


Anonymous said...

That is too cool...KHJ coughing up for three Cougars (considered a little more upmarket than the Camaros offered to the listeners) just for the news staff.

Ray Randolph said...

The Cougars seemed like a curious choice to me. I figured the news staff would've been cruising around in four-door sleds like Plymouth Furys or Dodge Polaras to hold their gear.

DavidFerrellJackson said...

The easy answer: a trade-out with your Southern California Lincoln-Mercury Dealers!