KHJ Boss 30 - March 18, 1970

Issue #246 - Boss Jock Chuck Browning makes his first appearance on the cover of the Boss 30.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 246 - Chuck Browning   KHJ Boss 30 No. 246 - March 18, 1970


Anonymous said...

When I first heard "Vehicle" I was sure it was Blood, Sweat and Tears. The horns, the arrangement, the singer -- sure fooled me. Oh, and on several occasions I've heard people refer to the SONG as "Ides of March." Admittedly, you'd never know that it's called "Vehicle" just by hearing it. One of the coolest singles of 1970.

Ray Randolph said...

I agree that "Vehicle" was one of the coolest singles of the year. Definitely shades of BS&T. Even the name "Ides of March" is cool.

"House of the Rising Sun" by Frijid Pink is another of the "heavy" sounds that found its way onto the Boss 30. I thought it sounded really cool.

Bruce Ebright said...

A few months back, after the sudden death of the 1980's group "Survivor's" lead singer Jimi Jamison, (a guilty pleasure of mine) I researched them, looking at their history. One of the founding members of the group was Jim Peterik, who played guitar and keyboards for the band. He had an interesting history, he was the lead singer for the Ides of March for awhile, and he was the one who wrote and sang "Vehicle".

(As an aside, Survivors original lead singer, and once again the lead singer due to Jimi's passing I assume, is Dave Bickler. He was the lead singer when the put out "Eye of the Tiger". After being replaced by Jamison, he went on to fame as the "power balled" singer in the Bud Light "Real men of Genius" commercials.)