KHJ Boss 30 - March 11, 1970

Issue #245 - Boss Jock Scotty Brink makes his final appearance on the cover of the Boss 30 as Norman Greenbaum claims the No. 1 spot with “Spirit In The Sky.”

KHJ Boss 30 No. 245 - Scotty Brink   KHJ Boss 30 No. 245 - March 11, 1970


Anonymous said...

The Boss Jock lineup listed here mentions Chuck Browning. I barely remember him.

"Let It Be" debuts this week. I distinctly remember hearing the song on KHJ the previous fall. As a Beatles fan, I was excited that a new single was coming out, but then the airings stopped and the single didn't come out until this time in 1970. Many years later I learned that KHJ (and other stations) were apparently playing a bootleg that had been pulled back. Since we now know that other versions of the "Let It Be" project were done before Phil Spector's came out, it makes sense that KHJ was playing one of those earlier mixes. Anyone else remember KHJ playing "Let It Be" around September 1969? It would have been before the release of "Abbey Road."