KHJ Boss 30 - October 9, 1968

Issue #171 - Boss Jock Humble Harve on the cover of the Boss 30 as KHJ rolls out the “Laugh-In Jackpot” promotion.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 171 - Humble Harve
KHJ Boss 30 No. 171 - October 9, 1968


Anonymous said...

"Girl Watcher" was such a throwback song. I remember being stunned that it was the one to knock "Hey Jude" out of the top spot.

Even at age 10, I knew "Abraham, Martin and John" was a sad song, just over two months after the Robert Kennedy assassination.

Ray Randolph said...

Survey errata:

"Girl Watcher" by the O'Kaysions has the "Weeks on Boss 30" listed as 7. It should be 5.

"Hey Jude/Revolution" by the Beatles has the record label listed as Capitol. It should be Apple.