KHJ Boss 30 - December 4, 1968

Issue #179 - Start your day with Robert W. Morgan on Boss Radio.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 179 - Robert W. Morgan
KHJ Boss 30 No. 179 - December 4, 1968


Anonymous said...

At the bottom of this list is "Baby Let's Wait," which I think was almost two years old at this time. The theme is similar to "Love Child" and the recently charted "Isn't It Lonely Together" -- dealing with out-of-wedlock pregnancy, or the possibility of it.

At the top of this list is "Lo Mucho Que te Quero," which I remember being shocked made it to No. 1. Like "Girl Watcher," its sound is totally unlike what was popular in 1968.


the previous post by "Anonymous" objected to "Lo Mucho Que te Quero [sic]" hitting the number one spot on KHJ's pop chart. (1) his commentary smells strongly of racism, his obvious anti-Hispanic bias; and (2) his claim that Southern California's "sound is totally unlike what was popular in 1968" is wrong; there were plenty of both Hispanic music artists AND Hispanic-oriented songs which were played by radio stations in that era like, did he ever hear of Jose Feliciano???

Rene y Rene's recording was a quaint, foreign sounding song (e.g., Kyo Sakamoto's "Sukiyaki") which was a welcome respite from all the heavier-music which was broadcast at that time.