KHJ Boss 30 - April 3, 1968

Issue #144 - Boss Jock Bobby Tripp’s final appearance on the cover of the Boss 30. Despite being diagnosed with Hodgkin’s disease, he continued performing his duties at KHJ until he was physically unable to do so. Real name Michael Guerra, Jr., he died at the UCLA Medical Center on July 19, 1968.

KHJ Boss 30 No. 144 - Bobby Tripp
KHJ Boss 30 No. 144 - April 3, 1968


Anonymous said...

I don't recall ever hearing about Bobby Tripp's fate. He would have went off the air just as I was starting to listen to KHJ. I've always been aware of his Boss Jock status, though.

GZapoleon said...

Bobby Tripp was really one of the best jocks at any station he was on. Great during his relatively short time at 93/KHJ but also in Philadelphia at WPEN and WIBG Philadelphia as Bobby Mitchell and then when he came west in 1961 as the Mighty Mitchell at KYA. During his San Francisco days he also became business partners with fellow KYA DJ Tom Donohue running Autumn Record which released such national hits as “C’mon and Swim” by Bobby Freeman, and “Laugh, Laugh” and “Just A Little” by The Beau Brummels. When he passed away at the young age of 48 Program Director Ron Jacobs said “Radio has been around for about fifty years, and there never was a better disc jockey than Bobby Tripp.”