KHJ 1968 Top 300 Souvenir Booklet

This is the front cover of Boss Radio’s 1968 Top 300 souvenir booklet. It folds out into eight pages and contains artwork of the artists who made the Top Ten as well as a listing of the Top 300 songs. Measures 9" x 9".

Click the image below to view a list of the titles.

KHJ 1968 Top 300 (Front Cover)


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray,

What a beautiful collection of memories! This was the last KHJ Top 300 that I listened to. It is weird in my mind how I had blurred together the first two top 300's. I always thought that 1968 was the second Top 300.

This was about the time some of us LA kids were turning on to another radio station - KPPC-FM, 103.7 Pasadena. My listening pattern was increasingly shifting to FM with the emergences also of KNAC Long Beach, KMET and KLOS. That and buying record albums instead of singles. I had gotten a little bit snooty by then too. AM radio was playing the 'short version' of 'Light My Fire' and later 'Sunshine Of Your Love.' LoL

The 1968 Top 300 booklet is moreover a thing of aesthetic beauty. Gosh this was a great time and the selections musically document it. I notice that 'The Dangling Conversation' made it to #42, without my help! LoL In fact, I see lots of S&G.

The three surveys you’ve shared are wonderful scopes of our generation at this juncture in time. Thank you so much again. You’ve tied back together a special time for a relic.

Anonymous said...


I posted essentially the following comment in threads I've just initiated on three Delphi forums I frequent:

The Most Blueswailing Yardbirds!
True Beatles Fans Only

"I just wanted to share a blog dedicated to a prime source of musical pleasure for me in the mid-60's, 93 KHJ-AM, Los Angeles.

Here is a link to three Top 300 surveys the the station conducted and played in countdown order during the respective 1966, 67 and 68 Labor Day weekends.

Listeners like me voted for these tunes and the surveys are a strong reflection of our tastes collectively during that time, especially the Southern California listener. Across the boards, they show the eclectic tastes of that time.

Though I was listening heavily by the spring of 1968 to the emerging FM album orientated stations, it is interesting seeing how many album cuts were making it into this AM survey plus the penetration by the psychedelic type bands.

I hope you enjoy perusing these surveys as much as I have."

Again, thank you Ray!

Ric said...

Thanks Ray - what a goldmine of incredible memories! My mind found me thinking about the Top 300s that KHJ did in the 60s, and went to the internet wondering if I could find the list. This site in great!

A question - did KHJ only do the Top 300 in 1966, 1967 & 1968?

Ray Randolph said...

Ric - KHJ only did the Top 300 in a conventional sense in 1966, 1967 and 1968. They were always presented around Labor Day and KHJ gave away souvenir copies.

In 1969 they replayed the "History of Rock and Roll" instead of having a Top 300. In 1970 and 1971 they aired the "KHJ Hall of Fame" on the Labor Day weekends. Some users have commented that KHJ did a Top 300 over Thanksgiving weekend in 1973. I don't believe they gave out a souvenir copy of that and I haven't run across a listing of the songs. I was pretty much migrating over the FM side of things by that time in 1973.

Ric said...

Thanks Ray - I had these brochures back in the day, but they are long gone. Seeing them again is so fun! We have our 50th high school reunion coming up, and I'll use these to create a playlist. Great site, and thanks again!