Boss Jock Bobby Tripp

After waging a valiant battle against Hodgkin’s disease, Bobby Tripp passed away on July 19, 1968.

Bobby Tripp Portrait


Bruce said...

As was already mentioned, I too never heard about what happened to Bobby. And you say he worked right up close to the end, wow.

Do you remember if they mentioned what happened much at all after he passed, or was it "stick to the format" with maybe just a mention during 20/20 news?

Ray Randolph said...

Frank Terry guest starred for Bobby Tripp during the final few months but it was still treated as "The Bobby Tripp Show."

KHJ handled the situation with a relatively low profile. Apparently a few announcements were made regarding his passing the day it happened.

Norm said...

I remember lying on ZUMA Beach in So. Cal listening to KHJ 20/20 News when they announced his passing.