KHJ Boss 30 - December 28, 1966

Issue #78 - Johnny Mitchell makes his final appearance on the cover of the Boss 30. He would move to KFRC, KHJ’s sister station in San Francisco.

“Wedding Bell Blues” by Laura Nyro checks in at No. 3 this week. This was the highest position ever attained on a KHJ survey by a title that did not chart on the Billboard Hot 100 (it reached No. 103).

KHJ Boss 30 No. 78 - Johnny Mitchell
KHJ Boss 30 No. 78 - December 28, 1966


KG Dave said...

I never fully appreciated how good Johnny Mitchell was until after he was gone. In my opinion, he did a better job counting down the Boss 30 than Humble Harve or Sam Riddle.

Ray Randolph said...

Survey erratum: "Good Vibrations" by the Beach Boys has the "Weeks on Boss 30" listed as 11. It should be 12.