KHJ’s 1966 Appreciation Concert

This is an advertisement for KHJ’s 1966 Appreciation Concert at the Hollywood Bowl.

Sonny & Cher KHJ Concert Ad


Anonymous said...

What's poignant about this is that it was less than three weeks before Jan Berry's debilitating car crash--this may have been the last time Jam & Dean performed at full strength.

Unknown said...

I remember it well. Tickets were ninety-three cents! And with all these stars it was probably the best concert ever. The bowl was full and totally rocked. Yup, those were the days, and that was THE day.

rabbi barry said...

went to the concert with johnny mitchell (6-9 PM) and the reall don steele bang bang was a hot record as was monday monday and having otis redding open the festivities before bussing over to the whisky for more of his magical performances. think you baby was also big; bob lind was too stoned and wasn't allowed to play. what an evening- the equivalent of the next year's monterrey for chart songs.