Sam Riddle 1965 KHJ Sales Sheet

This is a one-sheet for Sam Riddle from the 1965 KHJ Sales Folder. The text reads:

Pied Piper of
The Lively Ones

Without a doubt the hottest personality in the Southern California discotheque set, Sam adds Boss Radio to his already overpowering performance record. Long the prime seller in Los Angeles TV, and holder of top ratings in the heyday of both KRLA and KFWB, this transplanted Texan is again cooly showing his well-shod heels to the pack.

Host of his own “9th Street West” and “Hollywood-A-Go-Go” on the tube, Sam is a salesman that delivers. There’s not a young adult in Southern California who isn’t hip to that mellifluous voice. It’s really not strange that Sam’s shows mean few “avails.” Riddle’s regiments respond beautifully to any medium, and they’re now accessible to your blandishments ... at considerably less than TV rates. Forward March!
KHJ Boss Jock Sam Riddle Sales Sheet


Unknown said...

I was a student at SAMOHI (Santa Monica High School in CA) from 1964 to 1966 when Sam was on "Boss Radio".
I recall his youthful, well polished TV flair, his distinctive voice and his other attributes that made him popular.
One thing that has stayed with me since 1965 was hearing Riddle comment (one afternoon) after he played The Monkey's new hit "Day Dream Believer". It was high school home coming time and Same rightly mentioned "Day Dream Believer" being a 'seasonal song' as a line in the song mentions "Home Coming Queen".
Now, I can't remember the name of SAMOHI's Home Coming Queen, but I recall her being the most beautiful girl I had ever seen (in person).
And to cite another song of years past, "Those were the days my friend. We thought they'd never end. We'd sing and dance forever and a day."

Marcia Smith said...

What a sweet comment. I am from those times too.. used to watch all the shows; lived in Los Angeles and went to Hollywood every weekend (sunset strip) What a different time it in high school would believe it now. Glad to see your comment. ... those were the days.. oh yes, those were the days...